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The HDS Systems' EDC flashlights provide an advanced single button multi-brightness everyday-carry LED flashlight for the sophisticated flashlight user. Our advanced Rotary models include a rotary brightness control for convenient brightness adjustment. Our Tactical models combine true pure momentary tactical modes with convenient non-tactical click on click off modes and a rotary brightness control.

HDS Systems has been pioneering flashlight technologies since the advent of white LEDs in 1997 to create our best-of-class products. Our flashlights can be customized to fit your particular needs, even as your needs change over time. And our flashlights are small enough to carry with you at all times. A flashlight is only useful if you have it with you when you need it.

Tactical, Rotary or Clicky style - how do I choose?

The EDC Executive interface is a Clicky-style interface that is geared toward utilitarian uses. It turns on to Medium, press and hold for Maximum, double-click to toggle between Medium and Medium High and triple-click for Low. Turning on to Medium provides plenty of light for most situations and outstanding long runtimes. Maximum is always directly available, even from off.

The EDC LE interface is a Clicky-style interface that is geared toward law enforcement, security and similar uses. It turns on to High, press and hold for Maximum, double-click to toggle between High and Medium and triple-click for Tactical Strobe. Typical law enforcement and security tasks demand the light comes on to a tactical brightness (greater than 60 lumens), but not necessarily the maximum brightness. We have chosen a minimum of 90 lumens as a good compromise between brightness and runtime. Maximum is always directly available - even from off - and can be used to provide non-lethal force or to see extended distances. The Tactical Strobe is handy for warning traffic, making sure you are seen or disorienting someone who is under the influence.

The EDC Rotary interface combines our Clicky-style interface with a rotary control to provide you the ultimate convenience in setting the desired brightness level - just turn the knob to select the desired brightness level. The EDC Rotary turns on to whatever brightness level is selected by the rotary control so you can select your brightness level before you turn on your flashlight. Press and hold for Maximum, double-click for the Emergency Strobe and triple-click for Tactical Strobe. Maximum is always directly available, even from off. The strobes can be used for marking your location, signaling for help or warning traffic.

The EDC Tactical interface uses the rotary control to select one of 3 modes of operation. The two clockwise positions are pure momentary modes - when the button is down, the light is on, when the button is up, the light is off. These two positions correspond to Maximum (against the stop) and Tactical Strobe (away from the stop). The tactical positions are used for "flash and dash" techniques and are easily and reliably selected using only gross motor skills - the only skills you can depend on under stress, even in noisy environments with heavy gloves. The counterclockwise position is constant ON (click on, clock off) and provides a convenient rotary dial adjustment of the brightness level - from bright to dim, including Tactical Strobe and Maximum. Maximum is always directly available.

We also offer custom built configurations. This allows you to select between standard and specialty LEDs with your choice of interface, lens material, bezel and body material/color, battery, button style and clip style. This allows you to build your ultimate flashlight from a wide array of options.

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EDC Flashlight User's Guide (PDF), EDC Flashlight Advanced User's Guide (PDF) and EDC Flashlight Pocket Reference Card (PDF)

EDC Tactical Flashlight User's Guide (PDF), EDC Tactical Flashlight Advanced User's Guide (PDF) and EDC Tactical Flashlight Pocket Reference Card (PDF)

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Check out the many accessories that can increase the utility of your flashlight. We also have primary batteries and rechargeable batteries and chargers for your flashlight.

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