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Special Event: Berylliam Copper Rotary Flashlight

The pre-order for the run of Berylliam Copper Rotary flashlights has ended. We will produce a few extra. After the pre-orders have shipped around the end of the year, we will offer any remaining lights at a base price of $1250.

We are looking into additional LED options. However, the qualification process for those optional LEDs will still take a couple of months to complete - with no guarantee any of the LEDs will pass the qualification process. Once these LEDs pass qualification, we will publish the specifications and allow your Berylliam Copper order to be upgraded to include your choice of those LEDs.

Legacy accessories available from Unique Titanium
Going, Going, Almost Gone...

Unique Titanium announced in late October 2019 that they are closing their doors and liquidating their remaining stock. If you want any spare parts for your vintage model flashlights, get them before they are gone forever. Unique Titanium also has various spare parts for current models. Unique Titanium is offering close-out pricing until their inventory is gone.

Unique Titanium purchased our remaining stock of old spare parts that no longer work with our existing models. These parts included the legacy bezels in both titanium and aluminum as well as legacy reflectors that fit the 24-TPI V-thread flashlight models. The parts also included the latest sleeve spring design that fits the late model EDC Basic and EDC Ultimate flashlights, the 123 battery compartment Novatac flashlight models and the EDC Classic flashlight models. Unique Titanium is now the exclusive source for these parts.

Revision 2.18 now shipping

We have upgraded the software in our flashlights to revision 2.18. All flashlights shipped from February 26, 2018 will have the new release. Read the revision history to see the improvements we have made over the years. You can upgrade to the current version.

Revision 2.18 has the following improvements: we brought back the triple-click button lockout option, true momentary is now controlled by a settable option, we added the pulsating strobe and beacon strobe brightness levels, we moved the Tactical UI rotary lock to triple-click when on, we changed the Rotary UI double-click and triple-click presets to also be the rotary brightness level to simplify the Rotary UI, we improved the operation of Auto-off and we added a bicycle configuration. See the advanced user's guides for details on how the new features work: EDC Bicycle, EDC Executive and EDC LE Advanced User's Guide, EDC Rotary Advanced User's Guide and EDC Tactical Advanced User's Guide

Custom leather holsters with spare battery holder are now available

Flashlight holster with spare battery compartmentWe now have custom leather flashlight holsters with a single 123 spare battery carrier built in. You will never be without a spare battery again. Holsters are available with a belt clip for dress belts or a belt loop for wide duty belts.

18680/18650 and 2xAA battery compartments now available

18650/18680 battery compartmentWe have just finished assembling our new 18680/18650 and 2xAA battery compartments in both Rotary/Tactical and Clicky styles. You can now custom build flashlights with these battery compartments. Or your can order them as accessories.

The EDC LETM flashlight is reborn

EDC LE flashlight The revolutionary EDC LE flashlight provides true momentary for "flash and dash" tactical techniques as well as click on, click off operation for non-tactical situations. All from a robust clicky interface.

New catalog page

We have a new catalog page that allows you to pick the type of product you would like to view, whether it is a flashlight, accessory or type of accessory.

The EDC TacticalTM flashlight is reborn

EDC Tactical flashlight The revolutionary EDC Tactical flashlight provides true momentary for "flash and dash" tactical techniques as well as click on, click off operation with variable brightness for those non-tactical situations.

The EDC RotaryTM flashlight is here

EDC Custom flashlight The revolutionary EDC Rotary flashlight allows you to completely adjust the brightness level with a simple twist of the rotary control.


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